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AVBC accreditation standards
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The mission of the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council is to ensure the quality of the veterinary profession in Australia and New Zealand and to ensure these qualifications are recognised internationally. One of its core functions is to assure and promote educational standards and, in 2022, AVBC is undertaking a major review of accreditation standards for entry-level veterinary programs.

During this early stage of the review, the AVBC is inviting stakeholders of veterinary services and veterinary education to take part in a short survey.   

The review is intended to:   

  • ensure the AVBC accreditation processes remain at or exceed current best international practice;   
  • support the ongoing development of, and ensure adequate resourcing for, quality veterinary education; and    
  • ensure that all veterinary graduates are able to achieve Day One Competencies to practice safely and sustainably, demonstrating the professional knowledge, skills and attributes required.   

The current standards and processes have served the profession well, enabling growth and diversity in veterinary programs which enjoy a high level of international recognition. However, this review will provide the opportunity to ensure that they remain fit-for-purpose.  

The review will start by considering recent developments in accreditation adopted by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) in the UK, a major accreditation partner with a mutual recognition agreement in place with the AVBC. These include reorganisation of the existing 12 standards into six domains, and a shift towards a more outcomes-focused and risk-based approach to accreditation of veterinary programs.  

An AVBC Task Group with members who have diverse professional expertise is undertaking the review of the standards and the policies and procedures for accreditation. Your perspectives and suggestions are invited on a series of questions relating to the current standards, the new RCVS standards and veterinary education more broadly.  

Updates will be posted on the AVBC website during the review, and there will be further opportunity for comment on draft standards in the second half of 2022.  

The survey can be accessed on the AVBC website. The survey will close on 23 March 2022. Anyone wishing to submit feedback by email, rather than via the survey, can direct a submission to standardsreview@avbc.asn.au.   


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