Celebrating 100 years of the Australian Veterinary Association

AVA centenary
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This year, 2021, the voice of Australia’s veterinary profession, the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA), celebrates its centenary.

“From small beginnings, something strong has grown— we can be proud of what the AVA has achieved over the last 100 years, and it’s the perfect time to celebrate the achievements of veterinarians and the profession,” AVA president Dr Warwick Vale said.

“The AVA is committed to empowering the veterinary profession to thrive by providing a strong and united voice, underpinned by a focus on support, education and community.”

The inaugural meeting responsible for the formation of the AVA was held at the University of Melbourne on 12 January 1921. Since then, the AVA has made a significant impact in areas such as antimicrobial resistance and prescribing guidelines, the welfare of racehorses over their entire lifetime, and the care of livestock and wildlife affected by environmental disasters. 

The AVA provides essential leadership on animal welfare issues, contributes to government policy development, lobbies for improvements in legislation, and develops quality assurance programs that relate to standards of care for patients in veterinary hospitals.

“The veterinary profession and the leadership delivered by the AVA over the last 100 years in animal welfare disease prevention and veterinary services has been a key part of the success of Australia,” Dr Vale said.

“Veterinarians provide unique and vital services that are essential to our community. Australians can feel proud of our veterinarians in the contribution they have made to animal health and welfare of pets, farm animals and wildlife over the last 100 years—at a local, national and international level.”

The veterinary profession has diversified over the last century, seeing increasing specialisation and technological developments such as the use of veterinary telemedicine, but there remains a common bond which links veterinarians together—a focus on keeping a strong professional identity which is supported by the AVA.

This story was sourced from a media release on the AVA website


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