$1m to fund new global award program to benefit veterinary profession

NAVC Gives award
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The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) has announced the establishment of NAVC Gives, a transformative award program created to support and advance the veterinary profession and wellbeing of people and animals worldwide. 

NAVC has launched the award program with a $1 million commitment to fund awards that will be made on a year-round basis. Nominations are now open. The first NAVC Gives award winners will be announced in January at VMX 2024.

This new program from NAVC will support individuals, groups, and organisations around the world that have made a profound difference in the lives of veterinary professionals and animals. Unlike most award programs that have a set timetable for accepting nominations, NAVC Gives will recognise accomplishments and notable achievements throughout the year based on the merit and impact of the application. Multiple awards may be given out each year.

“NAVC Gives is a unique grassroots award program that seeks to shine the light on those who are making a difference in the animal health field—whether it’s transforming veterinary medicine or saving one animal or person in distress in a local veterinary clinic,” NAVC CEO Gene O’Neill said.  

“In addition to recognising these accomplishments, we hope to make an impact on a personal level with a cash award.”

NAVC established this award program to recognise those who support its organisational mission: to “create unparalleled opportunities for the veterinary community that foster lifelong learning, encourage growth and promote wellbeing to advance animal care worldwide”. 

Nominations will be evaluated on a merit-based scale and recipients will be selected based on their excellence, impact, and alignment with NAVC’s mission.

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