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Dr Lindsay Evans, National Veterinary Learning and Development Manager

A study from CM researching found that 46% of all Australian veterinarians surveyed felt that continuing education is one of the single biggest drivers that will make a difference to the future of veterinary medicine, and we take our responsibility to contribute to that very seriously.

Across our Greencross network of GP clinics and specialty and emergency hospitals, we are committed to providing industry leading CE opportunities for our team members to ensure their continued growth and development, for the benefit of their career, patients and the future of the veterinary profession.

I am very fortunate to have experienced a wonderful and long career journey at Greencross, which started doing placements at my local clinic when I was just 15! After re-joining the company I quickly progressed through the company as a Regional Clinical Director and recently moved into the role of National Learning and Development Manager, to focus on consistently providing the country’s best learning opportunities to our team members so they too can rapidly progress their careers.

From the beginning of a vet career, our 12-month specifically designed graduate program offers a structured year to equip grads with all of the knowledge and confidence they need to thrive as a veterinarian and build a strong career pathway forward. This is mutually beneficial for our senior team who love to mentor the next generation of vets and build upon their clinical expertise through teaching and leadership.

Our Greencross clinical symposium is one of the largest vet conferences in Australia, bringing together brilliant minds from across the country. To date the Symposium was an exclusive benefit for Greencross, so we are delighted to open it externally for the first time this year, uniting our industry and fuelling our communities with knowledge. In additional to world class speakers on across 7 topic streams, the symposium contains a specific leadership stream to help vets and nurses with the business skills they need to progress into managerial and leadership roles.

For all of our team, there are a plethora of resources and initiatives we provide to keep them on top of their knowledge, providing lifelong learning. This includes year-long courses in areas such as dentistry, ultrasound, ophthalmology, and radiology, to help vets develop or freshen those skills, including online modules and full day workshops. At various times throughout the year we also run practical workshops run by highly skilled vets and nurses, offering further hands on training.

All of our permanent vets have access to internationally recognised resources, and are able to choose items such as VIN, VetFolio or Plumbs, an ever expanding library of webinars presented by local and international speakers, as well as AVA memberships and access to Stress Free Pets accreditation. We also provide our emergency team members with access to the RECOVER initiative, providing them with the tools they need to provide quality life support when needed. 

We offer scholarships for memberships and internships in our specialty and emergency hospitals, and last year added The Greencross Growth Scholarship, which has seen over 200 scholarships awarded to our team members providing extraordinary experiences and learning opportunities around the world.

At Greencross learning and development is engrained in everything we do, and we are committed to supporting the veterinary industry by arming vets and nurses with the knowledge and opportunities they need to thrive.

We offer a best-in-class CE program and diverse pathways through our network of GP clinics, hospitals and support office. A career at Greencross could take you anywhere! [email protected].


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