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Greencross Nurse Scholarships

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Across our Greencross network of GP clinics and Specialty and Emergency hospitals, we are committed to providing industry leading CE opportunities for our nurses to ensure their continued growth and development for the benefit of their career, patients, and the future of the veterinary profession.

We recently launched our Greencross Nurse Scholarships – providing an investment for external Continuing Education (CE). The Nurse Scholarships are unique to Greencross Pet Wellness Company and are an embodiment of our commitment to nurturing excellence.

The Nurse Scholarships will provide our veterinary nursing team with the opportunity to access external education opportunities to further promote their learning and growth within their profession, and within our organisation.

The Nurse Scholarships are an extension of our CE program which enables access to highly sought after professional development. It is open to permanent part-time and full-time veterinary nurses who work in Greencross Vet clinics, Specialty, Emergency and Referral Vet Hospitals and Services.

Tatiana Millar, Team Based Care Project Co-ordinator, Greencross Pet Wellness Company, says “Greencross has long provided exceptional Continuing Education opportunities for its nurses. I’ve witnessed the countless amazing options available for our nursing team throughout my career. This longstanding commitment to Continuing Education has made professional development accessible to our nurses, setting the stage for this exciting new chapter. 

“As an experienced nurse with a lifelong thirst for knowledge, I can hardly contain my excitement about the Greencross Nurse Scholarship program. This initiative means the world to me, and I feel deeply honoured to play a role in making it a reality. Our nurses are an integral part of our organisation, and this scholarship is our way of showing just how much we value and believe in their potential.

“What sets this opportunity apart is its personalisation – recognising that each nurse is a unique individual with their own passions and aspirations. With this scholarship, we’re not just offering educational opportunities; we’re empowering our nurses to shape their own professional journeys. The benefits are boundless – from upskilling our clinical teams to providing top-tier patient care, the positive impact will resonate throughout our organisation.

“I am genuinely thrilled for our dedicated nurses and excited about the incredible opportunities this scholarship will provide in their careers. It’s a dream come true for nurses like me who’ve always aspired to enhance their knowledge and skills. I’m excited about the incredible benefits this scholarship will bring to our nurses and the positive influence it will have on our clinics and hospitals. It’s an inspiring step forward, and I can’t wait to see the impact it will have.”

Applications for the Greencross Nurse Scholarship are reviewed against the prescribed selection criteria, including Individual Merit, Sphere of Influence, and Alignment with Current and Future Greencross Pet Wellness Company requirements and objectives. Funding support for successful applicants ranges from partial to full tuition.

At Greencross learning and development is engrained in everything we do, and we are committed to supporting the veterinary industry by arming vet nurses with the knowledge and opportunities they need to thrive.

We offer a best-in-class CE program and diverse pathways through our network of GP clinics, hospitals and support. 

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