A new doco and food brand Pedigree are aiming to end animal homelessness 

Take Me Home documentary series

Our centuries-old love of dogs shines through in a new six-part documentary series, Take Me Home, that follows the work of Sue Hedley, Medal of the Order of Australia recipient, and founder of animal rescue organisation SAFE (Saving Animals From Euthanasia Inc).

Working together with rangers in the vast Pilbara region, volunteers and local foster carers, SAFE saves the lives of dogs and other pets that are lost and forgotten, unloved and unwanted, and often dumped by callous owners.

Take Me Home on 9Now will open a window into a world that most viewers haven’t experienced before, and inspire people to join in the SAFE team’s animal rescue work. 

“I started SAFE Inc as I couldn’t stand to see dogs locked up in cages or needlessly put down,” SAFE founder Sue Hedley said.

“I thought, kids go into foster care, so why not dogs and cats?”

For branded entertainment producer Projucer, tasked with bringing on valuable partners meant looking at those media savvy companies such as Mars Petcare with an appetite for meaningful change.

“When approached by Projucer for the chance to be woven into a prime-time TV show that supports dog adoption, as our brand mission is to end pet homelessness, we jumped at the chance and are so proud to support initiatives that help dogs find their forever loving home,” said Bianca Werkmeister, Portfolio Marketing lead, Mars Petcare.

Projucer executive producer Joshua Capelin added: “Take Me Home has been an incredible experience to be a part of. For SAFE, it raises its profile and mission nationally which will aid its adoption rates. And for Pedigree [a Mars Petcare brand], they get to experience increased brand recall as the pet food brand that helped secure amazing and inspirational new loving homes for these pets in need, helping them to also deliver on its brand mission.”

With strong viewership after three episodes, Projucer is hopeful of getting the chance to produce a second season. 

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