A new era of leadership for AHA

Sharon Starick
(L-R) Incoming AHA chair, Sharon Starick; outgoing AHA chair Peter Milne; and AHA CEO Kathleen Plowman

It was the end of an era at Animal Health Australia’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday 26 November, as the company said farewell to chairman Peter Milne and welcomed incoming chair, Sharon Starick alongside new board director, Renata Paliskis. 

Milne is AHA’s longest serving board member, appointed as director in 2002, before becoming chairman in 2011. During his tenure, Milne has had a profound impact on AHA and the broader agricultural community. 

Sharon Starick commenced her role as chair at the November AGM. She has served on the AHA board as director since 2010 and is the first woman to hold the position of AHA Chair.

Starick brings to the role her extensive experience as a chair and director across a range of agricultural and rural organisations. This, combined with her experience as a pork and grains producer in South Australia, has given Starick a comprehensive understanding of the challenges that will impact Australia’s livestock sector now and into the future, making her uniquely placed to be a force for change in the sector.

“As a producer myself, I’m aware of the various challenges facing Australian livestock industries, such as increasing pressure on our biosecurity system, exotic diseases on our doorstep as well as drought and floods,” Starick said.

“With AHA now developing its next Strategic Plan, a key priority for myself as chair is seeing how AHA can continue to work collaboratively with our members and stakeholders to ensure the resilience and sustainability of the livestock sector.”

Joining the Board to fill the director vacancy is newcomer Renata Paliskis, from Western Australia, bringing 30 years’ experience in the livestock sector.


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