A UK vet has helped a woman discover a large tumour on her ovary


vet check-upWhen Kath O’Regan took her Siamese cats—Shammy and Georgie—to the vet for their regular check-up, she wasn’t expecting to need a check-up herself. While visiting her vet, Brad Cooper, from Cheltenham in the UK, Kath mentioned her ongoing battle with intense stomach pain.

Kath had been in pain from her mysterious digestive problems for over five years.

“I was bloated. My stomach felt like it was going to explode. I had terrible digestion problems and a loss of appetite,” she told the Mirror. “I was batting my head against a brick wall. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I thought maybe I had caught something from my cats.”

Dr Cooper quickly became suspicious of her symptoms and suggested Kath visit her doctor for a scan.

People always open up at the practice. Although I’m a vet and not a doctor, the symptoms didn’t sound very normal,” he said. “I’d read that the symptoms can be associated with things like ovarian cancer. Without trying to be alarmist, I suggested Kath ask her doctor for a scan. If it was a pet that’s what I would have done.”

On Dr Cooper’s advice Kath headed to her doctor for a scan on her engorged stomach. The test quickly uncovered Kath’s ailment.

“They found a great big tumour—the size of a grapefruit—on my right ovary,” said Kath. “I freaked. I didn’t know if it was cancer or not and I had to wait two months until the operation.”

Luckily for Kath the tumour turned out to be benign however, had it gone undiscovered it may have become malignant.

“It wouldn’t have been discovered without Brad.” Said Kath. “I would have carried on struggling otherwise. I can really get on with my life now.

“Brad is my super-vet. I want to say a big thank you. He’s a top bloke.”


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