Tools of the Trade: Agfa CR 30X digitiser


By Dr James Vowles, Murray Bridge Veterinary Clinic, Murray Bridge, SA

agfaAbout 18 months ago we upgraded our old chemical X-ray system to a completely digital unit. We use it to take radiographic images of dogs, cats and horses. The results are very clear and easy to read.

What’s good about it

This Agfa digital system has removed the need for chemicals and chemical processing. Not only is this a great time saver due to the fact we don’t have to develop film, it’s also a vast improvement from an OH&S perspective. It’s a much more convenient and faster way to produce radiographic images. The results appear straight on a computer screen which is very handy for showing clients. While they sometimes had trouble understanding what they were seeing on a film, now it’s easy to demonstrate a lesion or a disease process. This digital technology also shows the client that your practice is professional and technology savvy. The image can be rotated on screen and the contrast can be manipulated to give the best result. It allows the vet to take accurate measurements for implants, orthopaedic surgery and for dealing with specific hip diseases. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to email images to specialists or other veterinarians. We can receive second opinions very quickly.

What’s not so good

It would be handy if two images could be viewed side by side so we could make comparisons. At present you can only look at one image at a time. The processor is also a bit big and bulky; it would be better if it was smaller.

Where did you get it

Total Medical Imaging Solutions (


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