AMRRIC wins international canine health awards

AMRRIC international canine health awards

The not-for-profit charity, AMRRIC (Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities), have won a Special International Award in the International Canine Health Awards, the largest and most distinguished veterinary awards in the world, for their work and contributions to dog health and welfare.

The awards, organised by the UK-based Kennel Club Charitable Trust, highlight those those who go one step further to promote the health and wellbeing of dogs through their work in the world of veterinary science. The winners are chosen by an independent international panel of eminent veterinarians and scientists.

“To be honoured with this award is absolutely humbling,” AMRRIC’s program manager Dr Bonny Cumming said.

“It’s also wonderful validation of the value and impact of AMRRIC’s work to address health inequities, by working collaboratively to improving the health and wellbeing of companion animals in remote Australian Indigenous communities.

“The international recognition that this award brings will help to shine a spotlight on the continuing disadvantage faced by many remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities when it comes to accessing animal health services,” Dr Cumming added.

The award also cements AMRRIC’s reputation as a leader in the delivery of collaborative, culturally appropriate, One Health One Wellbeing-focused services that aim to ensure communities are healthy and safe for people and their companion animals.

“We’d like to share this recognition with the many wonderful Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and partners with whom we collaborate,” Dr Cumming said.

“We simply could not deliver our work without our many and varied collaborators.” 

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