Animal oxygen masks donated to the most vulnerable

animal oxygen mask

PetSafe® Australia last month distributed pet oxygen masks free of charge to various pet hospitals, care facilities and rescue centres across Australia, following the recent devastating and deadly bushfires; as part of the US-based Project BreatheTM Program.

“The Project BreatheTM Program is essentially a program that supplies pet oxygen masks to fire departments throughout the USA,” Zarqa Ali from PetSafe® Australia said.

“Their goal is to ensure every fire department and rescue unit is equipped with these life-saving masks to help animals of all sizes.”

To date the program has donated more than 23,500 masks to fire stations across the US and Canada.

“When they found out about the devastation across Australia and the effect it was having on our wildlife, working together we managed to distribute masks to numerous sanctuaries and animal hospitals across the country,” Ali said.

Each mask costs around $100AUD and PetSafe® Australia secured 35 for distribution across the country.

The Pet Oxygen Masks are reusable, and fit perfectly on our native wildlife. They are saving numerous koalas, kangaroos, wombats and other small animals.

“We would love for a program like this to be launched here in Australia,” Ali said. “That is something that PetSafe® would definitely support. In the meantime, we will continue to help any rescues and sanctuaries dealing with the influx of injured wildlife when and where we can.”


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