APVMA proposed decision on bromadiolone emergency use permit

bromadiolone mouse plague
Photo: Susan Flashman 123RF

Last week, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) issued the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) with a notice of intention to refuse its emergency permit application for the use of bromadiolone.

APVMA chief executive officer, Lisa Croft, said the APVMA is not satisfied that the proposed use of bromadiolone around the perimeter of crops meets the statutory criteria for safety, specifically in relation to residues and the environment.

“Before the APVMA is able to approve any application, we must be certain that it is safe, that it will work, and that it will not prevent our farmers from selling their produce overseas,” Croft said.

“The APVMA’s primary concern is environmental safety, particularly in relation to animals that eat mice.

“Although the APVMA intends to refuse this particular application, we have approved six other emergency permit applications to give farmers extra mice control options.”

The APVMA will continue to prioritise emergency use permit applications in relation to the mouse plague.

NSW DPI has 28 days to respond to the proposed decision to refuse the permit application. The APVMA will consider any information supplied by NSW DPI within this period before making its final decision.


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