Aurizon eardrops


Aurizon-20ml-1Aurizon, a new  product formulation and  treatment for otitis externa in dogs, has been available in Europe, Canada and New Zealand for a number of years – and now in Australia. Prior to Aurizon’s introduction Ausrichter initiated a survey of small animal veterinary surgeons. The information from the survey indicated:

  • The case load of otitis externa was estimated to be 15% – 30% of cases presented at clinics making diagnosis and treatment of otitis externa a significant part of small animal practice
  • The tympanic membrane cannot be visualised in 30+% of dogs presented with otitis externa
  • The following product benefits were considered important for Aurizon
  • Once a day treatment – improves owner treatment compliance
  • Contains marbofloxacin a new antibiotic reserved for veterinary use only
  • Significant level of efficacy against gram negative bacteria including P aerugonisa
  • Superior clinical trial results compared to commonly prescribed treatments in Australia
  • Large clinical trial of 140 dogs with otitis externa were treated for 7 or 14 days with either Aurizon or Surolan (Janssen Animal Health; Issy–les-Monlineaux, France)
  • Results of treatment; Sixty nine dogs (95.8%) treated with Aurizon and 57 dogs (83.8%) treated with Surolan responded satisfactorily (i.e cured or clearly improved) (Vet Dermatology 2005; 16 299-307).

Ausrichter Animal Health is the distributor of Aurizon Ear Drops suspension.



  1. My dog has been shaking her head off and on for a bit so I took her to our veterinarian. She examined her ears and said they were irritated and red. She told us to use ear drops called Aurizon that she prescribed for a week to ten days one a day. We used them for five days and now her hearing is terrible almost deaf. Is this common? Will her hearing come back?

    • hi. My dog has chronic ear problems. He has just been prescribed Aurizon but I am wary after reading the contraindications on the box and more so, your post. has your dog’s hearing improved?

  2. I used SUROLAN on vet instructions for my Labradoodle. I realised she seemed deaf after 2 Weeks. Vet blamed age but impossible to lose hearing in both ears equally within 2 weeks. Vet will not believe me. I want as many people as possible to report this side effect so that this life destroying product is taken of the market Please contact me if your dog has had this side effect

    • Hi Janifer my 13 year old Maltese shitzu has gone deaf to after 2 weeks of treatment.
      I told my vet and they pretty much shrugged it off.
      I would also like to know if this is permanent, his hearing was perfectly fine prior to this, I noticed he seems to sometimes her a very high sounding whistle and that’s it and he now walks around with his tail down and doesn’t look happy. It’s sad to watch.


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