Australia (CAN) issues warning to pet adopters about fake pet rescue group

fake pet rescue groups
Photo: Jairo Alzate

Leading national animal welfare charity Companion Animal Network Australia (Australia CAN) is warning pet adopters about fake pet rescue groups which are breaking hearts and draining bank accounts.

“The majority of pet rescue groups are run ethically by staff and volunteers who are dedicated and work hard to save animal lives,” Australia CAN CEO Trish Ennis said.

“But sadly, there is a rise in scam pet rescue groups targeting people who want to adopt from a shelter or rescue. Scammers are impersonating real animal shelters and rescue groups or posing as people who want to rehome an animal and tricking the public into adopting pets that don’t exist.” 

To raise awareness about pet scams, Australia CAN has partnered with Puppy Scam Awareness Australia (PSAA), a dedicated organisation that brings awareness about the thousands of pet scamming syndicates who prey on pet shoppers, helps puppy shoppers spot a scammer and assists those who have been scammed. 

PSAA also works to report and shut down scammers’ online presence and helps victims try and get their money back.

Both PSAA and Australia CAN offer tips on their respective websites to would-be pet parents on how to make sure a rescue group, shelter or pound is not a scam, and on what to look for in a responsible pet rescue group.

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