Australian Made dietary options for challenging cases

Red Tick: Designed primarily for these conditions. Black Tick: can assist dogs with these conditions

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In a utopian world, all pets presenting would only have one issue for the treating veterinarian to deal with. Unfortunately, pets presenting with multiple complex issues tend to be the norm. So Delicate CareTM has developed a range of multifunctional diets for dogs and cats which may also provide assistance across multiple issues.

Delicate CareTM Skin or Stomach for dogs is such a product, scientifically formulated for dogs with sensitive skin or digestive systems. We use only the most natural, high quality and novel ingredients available in Australia. While most commercial pet foods use corn or gluten-based grains, we proudly use sorghum as a highly digestible, low GI base, paired with prime Australian kangaroo and duck as the main protein sources. 

Our range of diets have been formulated by Emeritus Professor Nick Costa to comply with AAFCO2020 nutritional requirements and are made in Australia in a HACCP accredited plant from primarily Australian ingredients. With over 20 years of experience in producing special diets, the range has become the Australian choice of dry food when dealing with complex cases.

A suitability chart including cat diets is available from


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