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Vivid iq
Clint Yudelman from Insight Mobile Veterinary Diagnostics

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‘When I started my business, I researched mobile ultrasound equipment and the Vivid iq stood out above the rest of the high-end ultrasounds.’

So says Clint Yudelman, small animal medical specialist and owner of Insight Mobile Veterinary Diagnostics, which he founded in 2018.  The business provides specialist diagnostic support to vets in and around Melbourne, Geelong and the Mornington Peninsula. He uses ultrasound and endoscopy to assess patients almost every day, often dealing with complex cases. 

There were multiple reasons Clint opted for Vivid iq ultrasound technology right from the start. As he says; “It’s compact and easily transportable. It starts up and turns off quickly, in just a couple of minutes. When you’re turning it on and off 8-10 times a day, every minute counts.

“The touchscreen and the interface are user-friendly. It’s robust, so I don’t have to worry about it breaking. The back end support is also fantastic.” 

There’s only been one short time when he used different ultrasound technology—and that wasn’t his choice.  All his gear, including his Vivid iq, was stolen with his car.

Clint knows first-hand the value of this high-end machine. When his iq was stolen with his car, Radincon bent over backwards to find a loan machine for Clint to use. This loan machine was a model down from the Iq and the difference was noticeable. “The quality of the Vivid iq machine is exceptional,” he says, “in particular with complex cardiology cases, where the machine is head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. 

“The images I get with it are just beautiful quality, which helps me make a clear-cut diagnosis, especially for more intricate cases.”

Vivid iq
Dr Collin Schwarzwald showing the capability of the Vivid iq.

GE Vivid iq


GE Healthcare’s new compact, the Vivid iq, directly addresses your changing needs with a combination of portability and power that fits right in wherever your journey takes you.

Vivid iq is a compact, yet powerful cardiovascular ultrasound. Carry it under your arm or on your cart with a multi-connector for probes to wherever you need it … from the echo lab to the OR … from the hospital to a rural location. It is a reliable machine, with a rugged, cleanable design built for tough conditions; it is easy to use, with intuitive touchscreen and fewer keystrokes. The convenience of the new cart for better management of accessories and the advanced 4D TEE, ICE 3 and other powerful capabilities.

The Vivid iq was also in use at the ANZCVS Equine Cardiology Workshop in early February. Jon Marriott and Jim Woods joined 15 very fortunate vets at UQ Gatton for lectures and hands-on practical scanning. Radincon were proud to provide 2 machines for these sessions and Gold Sponsor the event. It was so valuable to be able to utilise this specialised equipment with the expert advice of Dr Katharyn Mitchell and Dr Collin Schwarzwald, world recognised as leaders in their field.

Vivid iq

‘It’s about more than supplying equipment,’ said Jon Marriott, Radincon MD. ‘The Vivid iq is an outstanding piece of equipment, but in the end, it’s all about a fast, accurate diagnosis and the best treatment plan for the horses then working together to keep them as healthy and happy as possible.’

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