Bondi Vet gets behind bushfire animal rescue

Bondi Vet bushfire animal rescue

Hit TV series Bondi Vet is getting behind national efforts to rescue and care for animals impacted by bushfires by sending much-needed support to affected regions.

The crisis, which has seen widespread devastation of habitats across Australia, has wiped out 1.25 billion native animals according to WWF Australia.

The show sent one of its stars, Dr Alex Hynes, to Adelaide to help care for injured wildlife, because the tragedy has stretched local veterinary resources to breaking point.

She visited a temporary emergency hospital set up to look after more than 100 koalas that are either orphaned, displaced or injured from one of the worst impacted areas, Cudlee Creek. At least 25,000 koalas are thought to have perished in the blaze.

“The response to this crisis here has been incredible,” Dr Alex said. “More than 150 volunteers have come from around Australia to help these beautiful animals. Their natural habitat has been completely wiped out so they have no source of food, and in many cases, have significant, life-threatening injuries.

“It’d be great for all Australians who haven’t done so already to make donations to organisations such as Adelaide Koala Rescue,” Dr Alex added.

“They are going to need a new hospital location by the end of January, and the care effort will last for many months, until the koalas are ready to return to the wild.”

Dr Alex, and other stars of the show, have been active in supporting animal rescue efforts for the last few months, and Bondi Vet creator, Daryl Talbot believes the show has a role to play in raising awareness of the crisis.

Bondi Vet is one of the most loved animal shows in Australia, and we feel like we have a responsibility to raise awareness of these amazing efforts to save our wildlife,” Talbot said.

Viewers can see Bondi Vet’s bushfire rescue videos on its official YouTube Channel.


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