Brand new online series launches about guide dogs

guide dogs Born to Lead

Guide Dogs Australia and WTFN have launched a new online series Born to Lead. Produced by the creators of Bondi Vet and Mega Zoo, each episode gives a behind-the-scenes look at Australia’s iconic and much-loved guide dogs.

The eight-part series will follow the guide dog journey from birth through to retirement, while telling the stories of the dedicated volunteers and professional trainers who play a special role in each dog’s development. 

Each 10-minute weekly episode will showcase the inner workings of Guide Dogs Australia, as it works to provide services to people with low vision or blindness across Australia to ensure they can lead a life of their choosing.

“It takes up to two years and $50,000 to breed, raise and train just one guide dog, so we are beyond excited to have this incredible journey, and many amazing stories from within the Guide Dogs community captured on film,” said Charlie Spendlove, head of Marketing and Communications at Guide Dogs.

“We look forward to sharing the love and dedication, the tears and triumphs, and the moments that make it all worthwhile as we see these beautiful dogs go on to make a difference in the lives of Australians with low vision or blindness.”

Watch the first episode of Born to Lead released 27 June on the Bondi Vet YouTube channel. Episodes will be released weekly. 


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