Can you really save over 35% on your current in-house lab testing?

in-house lab testing

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Heska believes you can. With over 30 years of experience serving the veterinary industry, Heska presents an exciting opportunity, with the newest in in-house laboratory analysers, and program options to suit anyone looking to upgrade and improve their lab. 

How can Heska help you?

By taking advantage of Heska’s unique RESET program, veterinarians can invest those hard-earned and saved dollars back into their patients, staff, and hospitals. REAL customers are experiencing REAL savings, using equipment they love with results they can trust. That’s the Heska way.

“We’ve seen veterinarians invest the savings they acquire through the Reset Subscription right back into the business, elevating their practices to new levels in the categories of patient care, customer and employee satisfaction, and overall practice health,” says David Miskimmin, Country Manager for Heska ANZ  “Apart from the incredible ease of use, accuracy and reliability of the analysers we offer, Heska comes to the table with absolute innovation in the way we can get these products on your laboratory bench. This is an important distinction that we want our customers to realise when they investigate an upgrade to their in-house lab.”

What is RESET?

RESET is a subscription program that provides accurate, better and faster blood testing at up to 40% less cost than other comparative in-house lab solutions. Through RESET, customers can enjoy a fully updated in-house lab with no upfront analyser purchase. Also provided in the program is the assurance of full analyser coverage, free of charge, for the life of the program, with test pricing that is not only the lowest but also protected. That’s it, no tricks.

“Heska understands that veterinarians and nurses are in this field because they love what they do. To be able to support the goals of veterinary practice, not only with high-quality products, but fair pricing gives everyone at Heska the satisfaction of knowing that we are helping to influence great outcomes within the industry, now possible in Australia too. That’s what RESET does. That’s a reason to come to work every day. That is a reason to love what WE do.” says David Miskimmin.

Who is Heska?

Heska is a world-class veterinary diagnostics company with a fresh outlook on what it means to serve their customers. It is important to know that Heska’s dedication is not only to quality pet care, but to offering products and services that help veterinarians achieve all their practice goals with high-quality products at the best price.

Don’t just listen to us, hear what Heska’s customers have to say…

Having installed Heska Element DC and an Element HT5 this year we haven’t looked back. From all aspects the Heska offering is head and shoulders above.Dr Greg Carson, VIP Veterinary Centre

Price and convenience were some of the key drivers for taking up Heska’s Reset Program. Heska have provided us with great service and very helpful staff who are always willing to answer questions and assist when needed. Any technical issues with our analysers have been handled promptly to avoid any downtime and impact to the clinic. Setup went smoothly and relocation of machines between clinics was a breeze, including integration to our computer system up and running right away.Dr Molly Cooper 

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