Tools of the trade

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Tools of the trade: CGS electro-ejaculator

by Dr Craig Dwyer, Smithton Veterinary Service, Smithton, TAS The electro-ejaculator is used for collecting semen samples predominantly from dairy bulls. A probe is inserted...

Tools of the Trade: Agfa CR 30X digitiser

By Dr James Vowles, Murray Bridge Veterinary Clinic, Murray Bridge, SA About 18 months ago we upgraded our old chemical X-ray system to a completely...

Tools of the Trade: Electro acupuncture unit JT-1A

Electro acupuncture unit JT-1A by Dr Steven Denley, Balance Veterinary Care, Brisbane, QLD. There are various ways to stimulate the acupuncture points. It can be done...

Tools of the Trade: Biomedtrix universal hip

Biomedtrix universal hip. By Dr Chris Preston, Pet Emergency & Specialist Centre, Malvern East, VIC. Larger, labrador-style dogs tend to have hip dysplasia as pups...