The game changer

Imagine a technique that could one day reverse the memory loss associated with dementia. An Australian researcher is now trialling a world-first stem cell...
should male dogs be desexed?

Should male dogs be desexed?

Should male dogs be desexed? The answer may not be as simple as you think. By Kerryn Ramsey The current debate surrounding the desexing of...
Dr Kate Adams

The talented Dr Kate Adams

Not just a business owner, practising vet, board member, and social media presence, Dr Kate Adams is also the new Bondi Vet. By Kerryn...
Dr Alex Hynes

Dr Alex Hynes: almost famous

When an emergency vet was referred to as a “force of nature”—by her own CEO—it was no wonder she was snapped up as one...

Vets in the spotlight

They are sometimes derided as “celebrity vets” more interested in self-promotion than animal welfare, but Australia’s television vets remain professionals eager to make a...

Climb every mountain

It took grit and determination for Dr Robert Gropel of Ivanhoe East Veterinary Hospital in Victoria to become the first vegan to climb the...

Solving the canine parvo problem

His frustration that so many puppies continue to die a horrible death from canine parvo because they haven’t been vaccinated has driven Dr Mark...

Inside the Hendra vaccine debate

With growing concern over the safety of the Hendra vaccine, Fiona MacDonald talks to vets and horse owners to get the facts In July 2009,...
Dr Rick Fenny

Meet Dr Rick Fenny, star of Desert Vet

Red Dog’s vet Rick Fenny hits the dusty road to film a new TV show called Desert Vet—and reflects on the legacy he wants...
animal behaviour

Meet animal behaviourist Dr Gabrielle Carter

As a specialist animal behaviourist, Dr Gabrielle Carter is building better relationships between owners and their pets. By Kerryn Ramsey In the past, the majority...