Jayne Weller

Dr Jayne Weller’s wild things

Hers must be one of the most coveted jobs in the country. Meet Dr Jayne Weller, who counts among her patients cheetahs, deer, lemurs and...

Paragliding is flying high

The ultimate freedom for Dr Georgina Johnston of UQ VETS Equine Specialist Hospital is to soar in her paraglider. “I had always been attracted to...

All fired up

After joining the Rural Fire Service, Dr Anna Pillich of Kulnura Veterinary Clinic in New South Wales became one of the first female deputy captains...

Meet Dr Lachlan Campbell—the war doctor

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes Comradery with animals plays a big part in the life of Dr Lachlan Campbell. So, when the war in...

Marlena Lopez: the next generation

If the future of the profession looks like Marlena Lopez—equal parts nurturer, counsellor, advocate, influencer and conservationist—then the future looks bright. By Tracey Porter Why...
Dr Nick Gale

Dr Nick Gales—the life aquatic

In the case of Australian Antarctic Division director Dr Nick Gales, a degree in veterinary science—coupled with a research interest in marine mammals—has led...

Stepping out

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes The irresistible rhythms of Argentine tango have completely captured Emma Pease VN of Avenue Road Stirling Veterinary Surgery in...

Cardiologist Dr Arianne Fabella is following her heart’s desire

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes After a long and winding career journey, highly respected veterinary cardiologist Dr Arianne Fabella has come full circle. By...
Yolanda Surjan

Dr Yolanda Surjan riding the waves of change

New radiation technology developed by a team of experts, among them 2017 CSIRO Breakout Female Scientist Dr Yolanda Surjan, looks set to change the...

Rock on

Fossil collector Dr Allen O’Grady, of Eatons Hill Veterinary Surgery in Queensland, has adorned his practice with dinosaur bones. “On the front patio of my...