Cats fleeing bushfires search for love in the city

rescue cats
Bushfire evacuee Yogi arrives in Melbourne.

Four homeless cats who were evacuated twice from their foster home due to bushfires near Bellbrook, NSW, have been flown to Melbourne due to the impact of ongoing bushfires on their volunteer rescue group.

The cats, who were being cared for by NSW volunteer rescue group, Helsby Cats, had to be evacuated twice during recent bushfires in the area which prompted the organisation to reach out to PetRescue, as caring for them had become extremely difficult with the impact of the bushfires.

The cats—George, Yogi, Oscar and Oreo—have now arrived in Melbourne and PetRescue is hoping to find stable homes for them.

The evacuation coordinated by PetRescue saw the collaboration of a charity, business, and volunteers to ensure the safety of the cats. Due to the regional location of the cats’ foster group, additional logistics and flights paths were undertaken by Jetpets to ensure a swift relocation for the stressed cats to Melbourne-based PetRescue member Maneki Neko—a volunteer cat rescue group, which despite being at full occupancy, offered to take on the cats and find them emergency foster homes.

“We’re extremely grateful to Maneki Neko and Jetpets for responding quickly and giving of their time and resources to help these cats,” PetRescue co-founder Vickie Davy said. 

“So many people and animals have been affected by these bushfires; it feels good to see the community still willing to band together to offer help to rescue pets in need.

“Given that these cats have already been through so much, we’re hopeful that they will find new homes in Melbourne very quickly so they have a chance to settle after so much upheaval.”


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