Charity highlights plight of surrendered pets during pet rescue month 

pet rescue

The Petbarn Foundation is calling on Australians to help save hundreds of pets from euthanasia by promoting adoption during February which marks Rescue Month. 

Now more than ever Australia’s beloved pets need help as each year post-Christmas there is an increase of pet surrenders in shelters and pounds—an issue now compounded following the rise of pet ownership during the pandemic (coupled with the housing crisis), sadly resulting in a higher number of abandoned pets and therefore a rise euthanasia rates. 

It’s estimated over 200,000 dogs are surrendered to shelters each year and up to 44,000 of those dogs and puppies are euthanised, with some pounds simply unable to hold more animals with limited funding and rehoming capacity. 

“It’s heartbreaking to see the ever-growing surrender rates and statistics around euthanasia of thousands of healthy animals,” Petbarn Foundation manager Janelle Bloxsom said.

“The emotional toll and financial strain rescues are taking is overwhelming, there is only so much they can do with limited funds, space and resources so we were compelled to act.” 

To help ease the burden, the Petbarn Foundation has partnered with SavourLife and donated $200,000 to 20 rescue groups to save 200 pups from pounds. The aim is to transport the puppies from pounds to rescue groups faster and easier making it more convenient for those looking to adopt and reducing the risk of unnecessary euthanasia. 

“We hope to encourage Australians to rally behind Rescue Month and demonstrate that there are happy healthy pets waiting to be adopted, and it can be easy and very rewarding,” Bloxsom said.

To any Aussies looking to add a furry friend to the family, check the Petbarn Adoption website to find thousands of beautiful natured puppies and dogs of all ages that will be forever grateful for a home.”

The Petbarn Foundation is also proud to be celebrating a milestone of 60,000 adoptions through its 150 in-store adoption centres, working with rescue partners nationally to help surrendered kittens and cats to find a new home. 

Pet parents can find their ‘paw-fect’ match in Petbarn stores with the in-store adoption condos full of beautiful cats looking to find their ‘fur-ever’ home. 


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