Charlie the cavoodle is Australia’s most popular pooch

popular dog breeds and names
Charlie the caboodle with some members of his human family

If you’re the owner of a cavoodle named Charlie or a labrador named Bella you’re in good company, according to the latest data released by HCF Pet Insurance, which has revealed our nation’s favourite dog breeds and names.

Australia’s most popular dog breeds are the cavoodle, Maltese cross, and labrador. The most popular dog names are Charlie, Bella and Ruby, although popularity of breeds and names differ across the states.

The data has been released alongside the results of a survey conducted on behalf of HCF Australia, Australia’s largest not for profit health fund, which found that people were more likely to feel positive about having insurance for their pets (74 per cent) than for their own health (67 per cent).

“We know that almost two thirds of Aussie homes have pets—in fact there are more pets in Australia than there are people, and almost 40 per cent of homes have at least one dog which is a trend on the rise now that we are spending more time working and learning from home,” HCF chief officer, Product and Innovation, Lorraine Thomas said.

The names people choose for their dogs also reflect a sense of humour and fondness for popular culture.

While not in the top 10, all of the characters from the popular children’s TV Show Bluey feature as popular names (Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, Chilli, Trixie, Muffin, Lucky, Rusty); musical tastes are acknowledged with Elvis, Bowie, and Dolly Parton; and it appears superheros also frequent dog parks with names including Bruce Wayne, Lara Croft, Clarke Kent, The Phantom and Indiana Jones.


  1. Is it correct to refer to the likes of cavoodles and Maltese cross dogs as ‘breeds’. While popular, they’re still ‘mongrels’, strictly speaking, at least in my view. I get that they are ‘cute’ and exhibit hybrid vigour, which is a plus over some pure-breds. I also struggle to understand the huge money ($5k+) that some of these ‘mongrels’ are attracting. Weird. Regards, Brendon.


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