Comfortis® (spinosad) now registered for cats!


Aus_Comfortis.560mg_RightF-2Since its Australian market launch in 2009, Comfortis® has sold over 11 million doses in the fight against fleas.  The once monthly, chewable tablets offer fast-acting, month-long flea protection that can’t rub or wash off. Following approvals in many other markets around the world, the Comfortis registration in Australia has now been extended for use in cats! Over the coming months, you will begin to see some changes to the Comfortis range and while the 5 pack sizes will remain the same, the dosage for cats (50-100mg/kg) is slightly different than the dosage for dogs (30-60mg/kg). As a result, the 140mg, 270mg and 560mg pack sizes of Comfortis will now be co-labelled for use in both cats and dogs. Until the revised packaging becomes available, your existing dog-labelled stock of 140mg, 270mg and 560mg packs can be prescribed as per revised label guidelines to both cats and dogs.

To obtain additional dog and cat Product Inserts, book a training session for your staff, or discuss your point-of-sale needs, please contact your local Elanco representative, or call our technical services team at 1800 995 709.


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