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Hayley Coulson with her supercharged Cube.

She likes big, powerful cars but Hayley Coulson VN of Moorabbin Veterinary Hospital in Victoria has a special love of Nissans.

“My husband and I arrived at our wedding in four muscle cars. I had my stepdad’s Plymouth Road Runner and a Ford Falcon XY GT, both in orange and black. My husband Shane had a Ford Falcon XF and a Turbo HQ Monaro, both bright green. Our guests certainly knew when we were arriving.

“At present, we own 13 cars—most are registered and ready to go while some are works in progress. We have a real love of Nissans and I drive a supercharged Nissan Cube with the numberplate RUBIK. It’s a special seven-seater that was imported from Japan. The Cube is boxy, small and zippy but it can fit the whole family. Shane is an automotive tuner at CMS Performance who tuned the rare Impul Supercharged Engine. Recently, I pulled up at traffic lights and two other Cubes were beside me. We all had a laugh, then I accelerated away when the lights changed. My Cube might be slower compared to bigger cars but it’s the quickest Cube around!

“We have a family membership with the car club, Classic Skylines Australia. What started out catering for old Skylines is now a diverse Nissan and Datsun Club. We meet up once a month. Other great events are the Sakura picnic and Classic Japan Day for lovers of classic Japanese cars. There’s also Melbourne Datsun Day where we won best family car. There’s always great photo opportunities and the kids love it.

“We also own a Nissan Patrol that has a big safari roof. Shane built the engine from scratch and it’s his pride and joy. He would never take it off road now though; it’s too shiny. There’s also a 600hp Skyline Race car and a Nissan President in our collection, luxury limousines that were often used by Japanese consulate staff.

“Once the kids are a bit older and COVID is under control, we want to visit Japan. There are cars over there that you rarely, or never, see in Australia. Hopefully, that will be our next holiday.

“The cars, race meets, car shows and car clubs are all great fun and have a fantastic social element. You’re mingling with people who share common interests and a common love for the car. We attended a Nissan Motorsport event and met many of the drivers. Everyone was wearing the jackets and T-shirts and the vibe was amazing. There’s just something about people who love Nissans—they’re a really good community.”


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