Each practice in the VetPartners family is different

selling your veterinary practice
As part of VetPartners family, Montrose Vet Centre in Tasmania has a talented team.

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We know selling your business is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. You’ve put your heart and soul into building your practice and it’s your legacy.

At VetPartners, we recognise veterinary clinics are unique and with our philosophy “join us stay you”, we embrace your clinic’s individuality. We provide the benefits of our infrastructure to run your business, therefore allowing you to have full control of the decisions you make and the patient care that you provide.  

Freeing you up to focus on medicine

We hear from our clinic owners that they want to stay active in their business and use our administrative resources. It’s a business they’ve built so continuing in the practice and driving the clinic forward is key. 

selling your veterinary practice
Practice manager Kristy Gadd at Montrose Vet Centre, one of VetPartners’ practices.

VetPartners offers a range of support functions such as payroll, human resources, learning and development, IT, recruitment and marketing to support your practice. Our teams work with our philosophy in mind, where you’re the decision maker.

Ensuring your team are looked after

Caring for your team is likely to be high on your agenda. We don’t rebrand your practice; we’ll simply put systems into place to help make it easier for you and your team. We ensure all staff entitlements come across and working conditions remain the same as they were pre-settlement. 

Hearing what our clinic owners say about us

selling your veterinary practice
Manager Dr Andrew Nicholson (in front) and vet Dr Scott Rogers with a patient.

We are confident we deliver as promised. You get to be part of a collection of individual businesses and maintain your clinic’s legacy. We would love for you to talk to any of our owners. We believe it’s important that you hear about their experience firsthand. You are welcome to pick an owner at random; alternatively we can provide you with some contacts. 

Have a confidential chat to our team today

To kick-start the process, we’d love to hear from you. Our Acquisitions Director, Kristy, is ready to chat when you are. 

Call Kristy Murphy on 0411 292 299 or email kristy.murphy@vetpartners.com.au for a confidential discussion today.

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