EVS Advanced Series DR Systems

 EVS Advanced Series DR Systems

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The EVS Advanced Series DR Systems are enriched with advanced features including improved patient throughput and fast workflow, simple configuration, user friendly and ergonomic design and fast image acquisition time.

Superior Low Dose Imaging by EVS Advanced Series 

Reduced Radiation Dose without Compromising Image Quality

Focus Scintillator Technology 

FOCUS (Fluorescent Optical Csi Upgraded Structure) has more focused optical signal compared to conventional Csi.

Reduced Radiation Dose 

EVS Advanced Series provides high image quality at 50% less dose than CR and at 25% or more reduced dose compared to other DR Systems.

TRUVIEW®ART Advanced Image Reconstruction Technology 

DRTECH’s image processing algorithm TRUVIEW®ART enhances image quality minimising the effect of light scattering in an indirect type FPD. TRUVIEW®ART removes the light scatter caused during light output energy conversion to increase overall sharpness of the image.

High Sensitivity, Low noise 

With directly deposited Csl technology and optimized Csl thickness. EVS A/W series X-ray efficiency is increased resulting in high SNR even at low dose conditions. With low noise electronics. dose reduction is possible as high DOE performance is achieved at lower dose conditions.

Wireless EVS 3643/4343W Advanced Features 

 EVS Advanced Series DR Systems

OLED Display for User Convenience 

The OLED display provides information for easy visualization of the detector status. The display enables the user to connection status, detector mode status, number of image acquisition, patient information and battery status for increased workflow efficiency.

CR Mode & 3-Button Design 

EVS-W series allows for image acquisition without a workstation. The detector can be connected with a mobile device to ensure that images are being taken correctly to minimize the risk of retakes.

USB C-Type Power Charging Station 

With the USB C-type connection technology. image transfer and detector power charging is possible with Single USB C-type cable.

WPCS for 24hr Power Management 

With WPCS EVS-W can be used 24 hours a day without the need for a battery change. The Rx module embedded in the detector receives power from the Tx module installed inside the bucky or the wireless power charging cradle allowing for continuous battery charging. *Optional Feature

Wired EVS 3643/4343A Advanced Features 

Simple Configuration 

Only 2 part hardware configuration for easy installation. By eliminating the SSU (Control Box), detector to x-ray interface is simplified allowing for flexible space utilization and installation.

Supports Multi-frame Modality 

EVS 4343A is truely a multi-purpose detector supporting three applications. System integrated or integrated into a X-ray system as a multi-frame detector for TOMO and DES applications are available.

Flexi-wired Single LAN Cable 

Single LAN cable connection enables fast and straight-forward installation. Easy and cost effective service is possible with the use of single LAN cable.

Fast Image Acquisition Time 

Less than 2 Sec. image acquisition time. EVS A-series enhances workflow efficiency with faster patient throughput without sacrificing image quality.

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