Free webinars for pet parents and vets

veterinary webinars

Pet Insurance Australia has announced the PetSure Paws & Learn Webinar Series.

“This is a wonderful and free educational series for pet owners and vets,” Pet Insurance Australia’s Nadia Crighton said. 

“Hosted by PetSure, it will offer a range of free and interactive webinars aimed to educate and promote good health in our pets.”

Alongside industry experts and leading veterinarians, Petsure’s chief veterinary officer Dr Dani Hoolahan, will cover a range of topics from healthcare, behavioural issues, and common pet concerns. One series is specifically designed for pet parents, and there is another for veterinarians.

“Offering world-class content for free is very empowering to pet owners and vets,” Crighton said. “Education and knowledge are so important when considering our beloved companion animal’s health and wellbeing. 

“With so much misleading and conflicting information easily accessible to concerned pet owners, these types of professional and trustworthy webinars can certainly help pet lovers make educated choices in concern to their pet’s care.”

For the list of upcoming free webinars for pet owners and vets, register at


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