Furbo dog camera launches in Australia


Furbo dog camera

Furbo Dog Camera, the first treat-tossing dog camera that lets owners toss treats to their dogs from anywhere, is now available in Australia.

Designed by US-based company Tomofun to help dog parents care for their pups in real time all the time, Furbo Dog Camera is the first dog camera designed with an interactive treat-tossing system. Owners can simply take their dog’s favourite rounded treats, drop them into the top, and watch remotely as their pooch chases the treat through the air.

“As a dog parent, the hardest part of my day used to be the moment I would leave for work and hear my dog crying,” Furbo Dog Camera co-founder Maggie Cheung said. “Other solutions allowed me to watch what he was doing remotely—but didn’t allow me to truly interact with him or to help keep him occupied during the day when he was lonely.

“We created Furbo Dog Camera out of our personal need as dog parents, and we can’t wait to give other dog mums and dads the same ability to stay close with their furry loved ones from anywhere.”

Furbo Dog Camera—which is designed with AI recognition technology as well as the input of over 5,000 dog owners, vets, and dog trainers—also includes barking alerts so owners can know when their animal is in distress, a clicking sound proven to create positive associations for training, and a blue and yellow light scheme—tailored to a dog’s visual capabilities.

Tomofun CEO Victor Chang said: “Pet technology is an emerging industry, and we’re proud to be introducing a new kind of product that not only is the first of its kind, but truly changes the way we interact with our dogs when we’re away from them.”


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