Global cat owner survey reveals challenges to finding suitable pet food

cat food
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A survey of cat owners carried out by GlobalPETS and Yummypets in Canada, the US, the UK and France highlights the differences in buyer preferences between consumers in the different countries. 

The survey of 1776 pet owners carried out in March concludes that most cat owners (40 per cent) stick to the same cat food brand. On the other hand, 37 per cent like to experiment and continuously look for new flavours or brands their cat might enjoy even more. 

UK cat parents are more likely to vary the brands and flavours they buy (48 per cent), while only 29 per cent of Canadians follow this behaviour.  

When it comes to feeding, 54 per cent of respondents prioritise products that are good for the cat’s health. However, 62 per cent of owners find it difficult to choose a product that matches their cat’s nutritional or health needs. 

Consumers also value that their cat likes the taste and that the food is high quality. UK and US owners are the most concerned about taste and whether it’s to their cat’s liking or not, French the least. For French owners, it’s more important that cat food is beneficial for their cat’s health.

While seven out of 10 cat parents like to go to a physical store to buy food for their felines, this applies more to consumers in the UK and US than in Canada and France.

Half of cat parents state that the quality of ingredients is the most important factor when purchasing cat food, while more than half admit to finding it difficult to determine whether the ingredients used are actually beneficial for their animal’s health. 

The second most important factor seems to be brand. Yet, most owners find it difficult to pick a good brand. US owners tend to be guided more by the brand in their purchasing decisions, than owners in other countries.

Other differences between the buying behaviours and preferences of cat owners in different countries can be read here.


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