Groovy fashion label and animal rescue group join forces

pet rescue

Iconic Australian fashion label, Gorman, has partnered with national animal welfare charity, PetRescue, to help at-risk pets find safe and loving homes around Australia. 

Through the purchase of a Gorman x PetRescue limited edition dog coat, Australians will be advocating for change around Australia’s dysfunctional pound system which sees 100,000 pets killed in council pounds and shelters every year. 

The Gorman x PetRescue limited edition dog coats are available in four different sizes and three Gorman exclusive prints (Neighbours Garden, Walk It and Green Fingers). 

“Let’s take this opportunity to consider all creatures great and small and the difference we can make through our support of PetRescue,” Gorman’s founder and creative director Lisa Gorman said.

“We’re extremely excited by the innovative initiatives that have been established to help protect pets in Australia and the purchase of your dog coat will help progress this great work.”

PetRescue co-founder & joint CEO Vicky Davy said Australia is a nation of pet lovers, yet so many people are unaware of how dysfunctional the pound system is. 

“We want a future where every pet in Australia is safe, respected and loved. There is no one clear answer to the current pound problem in Australia so we have developed a raft of initiatives to tackle the issues from many angles—this includes working directly with council pounds, a pilot desexing program, utilising technology and recruiting vet clinics. 

“We applaud Gorman for helping raise awareness of this important issue and supporting us in our mission to keep Australian pets safe,” Davy said. 

The Gorman x PetRescue limited edition dog coats are available in all Gorman store locations and online at

All proceeds from the dog jackets will be donated to PetRescue.

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