Hill’s Pet Nutrition releases three new product ranges


hillsIn response to the dramatic rise in the percentage of cats older than five years since the early 1990s,¹ Hill’s has developed Science Diet™ Feline Age Defying. This new diet, which meets the nutritional requirements of cats  from 11 years of age, was launched in Australia in August last year.

An increasingly urbanised human population is changing the face of dog ownership in Australia, with small and toy breeds now making up 40 per cent of the canine populatio.² ³ Small and toy breed dogs usually live longer than medium and large breeds and often have very different life styles. Hill’s™ Science Diet™ Small & Toy Breed range has higher levels of antioxidants to protect these dogs against increased exposure to oxidative damage as a result of their longer lifespans.

Hill’s™ Ideal Balance™ diets, for both dogs and cats, are grain free, meat first products with perfectly balanced natural ingredients. The Ideal Balance range was launched in Australia last October, and appeals to owners wanting the same natural diets for their pets that they want for themselves. Hill’s™ Ideal Balance™ provides perfectly balanced nutrition and is made of high quality wholesome natural ingredients.

To enquire about stocking these new Hill’s products in your clinic, contact your Hill’s territory manager or the Hill’s Help Line on 1800 679 932.

References:  1. US Pet Ownership and Demographics Source Book. 2. 2012 Edition. American Veterinary Medical Association, Schaumburg, Illinois. 3. Euromonitor Pet Care Market Data 2013. ACA Pet Owner Omnibus October 2012. 


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