Hill’s Prescription Diet j/d™


hillsFor your canine and feline patients with arthritis, the right nutrition can make all the difference when it comes to disease management, improving mobility, and easing the pain. Hill’s Prescription Diet™ j/d™ interrupts the cycle of damage by helping to reduce cartilage degradation, joint inflammation and discomfort2. It also helps to preserve healthy joint cartilage3. Hill’s Prescription Diet j/d canine is clinically tested to help your canine walk and run better, play better and climb stairs more easily in as little as 21 days1-4. In addition to this, for those dogs that are having their arthritis managed medically, j/d canine is a great compliment to current medical treatments with some cases being able to reduce the dosage of NSAID by 25 per cent 4. Hill’s Prescription diet j/d feline is clinically proven to help cats with arthritis be more active in as little as 28 days 5-7.

Hill’s j/d tastes great and is available as both a dry and canned food. For more information, contact your Hill’s Territory Manager or the Hill’s Helpline on 1800 679 932.

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