How AVet Health and their Wagg & Purr® range is making a difference at Pet Medical.


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Wagg & Purr spot-on range

“We switched to the Wagg & Purr spot-on range because we saw the benefits of a vet exclusive product.”

Pet Medical is a thriving independent veterinary clinic in the picturesque Upper Hunter Valley, NSW, with three clinics in Musellbrook, Scone and Denman. Director of Pet Medical, Dr Peta Gay Railton and her team were among the first veterinarians to support AVet Health and our Wagg & Purr range over three years ago. During this time, Pet Medical’s use of the Wagg & Purr range has grown from parasiticides to therapeutics and other OTC products. And Dr Peta Gay Railton found time in her busy schedule to sit down with us to answer some of our questions. We were keen to hear her reasons for switching and how the decision has benefited Pet Medical’s clients, team and clinic. 

Pet Medical was one of the first clinics to support AVet Health’s Wagg and Purr range. Can you tell us more about this decision?

At Pet Medical, we are passionate about animals and committed to providing exceptional care to our clients and their pets. We understand that achieving excellence requires trust in our industry partners. The AVet Health team provided us with excellent products and their knowledgeable team has been a valuable resource from day one. Since the Wagg & Purr spot-on range is sold exclusively through veterinary clinics, it means clients visit us regularly. This has enabled us to maintain our gold standard of care while tailoring a plan specific to our needs. Our partnership with AVet Health has made this process straightforward and highly effective.

Has it been hard to convince your clients to make the switch?

The Wagg & Purr range is priced to be more affordable, making it a relatively easy conversation. We’ve also found the support material that AVet Health provides well-received by all of our clients; we know the material is written by vets, which continues to give us the confidence to support the range.

What effect has it had on your business? 

The Wagg & Purr range has been beneficial in offering our clients a favourable option for managing parasites. Our nursing team has found that many clients also appreciate this range, resulting in repeat visits to our clinic, providing numerous benefits. 

Would you recommend making the switch to others?

Other clinics may benefit from reaching out to the AVet Health team and exploring how they can positively impact them.

For more information regarding the AVet Health range and to find out how we could make a difference to your clinic, visit or call 1300 28 38 28.

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