How to Save a (Vet) Life

VetCheck 24/7

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One of the most difficult tasks for practice owners and managers at the moment is keeping staff members happy and satisfied in their roles. A higher salary is one component but maintaining job satisfaction is most important. Work/life balance is all important. 

In the current climate, vets and nurses can face burnout at a faster rate. Practices are short staffed, which is compounded further if a staff member gets COVID and is out of action for a week. Other team members may also get COVID and before you know it, the practice is considering shutting or drastically reducing services for a period of time. 

The AVA successfully had veterinarians added to the PMSOL but even then attracting vets from overseas is not so easy. The vet needs to uproot their whole family to move here which can be daunting and isolating in the first few months. New graduates may not receive the support of their more experienced colleagues if the practice is too busy. 

The vets that are working in practice have stress on them like never before. The COVID pandemic saw a spike in pet ownership, so we are faced with more pets needing veterinary attention with fewer vets available. Vets in rural areas are feeling the pinch more than anyone else. Access to emergency centres is not a viable option in the bush, so the vets feel obligated to provide an after hours on-call service for pet and livestock owners. Some veterinary boards seem to be addressing this issue by relaxing the requirements for practices to always have a vet available out of regular hours. 

Fortunately, there is a solution available to help vet practices and their pet owners out of hours. VetCheck 24/7 powered by the Medechat telehealth platform provides a service to take the pressure off vets who are on-call. 

We have a large team of experienced vet nurses that triage calls that come through to practices out of hours (or anytime). Our knowledgeable nurses can screen calls and give advice in 70% of cases without having to disturb your on-call vet. 

A further 20% of calls can be handled by our experienced team of Australian vets and professionals with veterinary degrees from countries with reciprocal qualification acknowledgement to Australia (eg. UK, Sth Africa, USA) via a remote video consult. 

That leaves only around 10% of calls that are dire emergencies and need to be seen urgently in person. Every call that comes in is logged and immediately emailed back to your practice so you can follow up with the pet owner the next day if you wish. 

You will also receive the full HEAP / SOAP notes from every consultation done with our veterinary professionals immediately as well. Our service is available to take calls 24/7 including weekends and public holidays. 

“We have been using VetCheck 24/7 since July 2021 to answer our phones after hours. It has been exactly what we hoped it would be, fantastic!” Family Vet Centre

Article by Dr Moss Siddle BVSc – founder of VetCheck 24/7 & Medechat

If you’d like to take the pressure off your own staff and allow us to handle your client’s calls please email: and be sure to read more about us at We can help your vets sleep better and get back their life outside of work!


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