Tools of the Trade: Hwato acupuncture needles

Hwato acupuncture needles
Hwato acupuncture needles

By Dr Karen Law, Noah’s Crossing Veterinary Clinic, Lewiston, SA

I am halfway through a year-long acupuncture course. These Hwato needles are a pleasure to use.

What’s good about it

They’re very fine and penetrate the skin easily. They come in different lengths and are available with a guide tube which is useful for people who have just started doing acupuncture. The Hwato needles are contained in a sterile packet and are discarded after one use.

Most animals react well to the needle. During the first consult they might be nervous. After they know what to expect, they’re generally relaxed during a session. There are certain points that are painful and no matter what type of needle you use, the animal will react. Likewise, if their condition is painful but mostly they don’t even flinch.

Clients are very happy when I use acupuncture to successfully treat arthritis and muscular skeletal problems in their animals. Quite often there’s an immediate improvement after one session.

What’s not so good

Some people prefer different lengths or thicknesses so it’s a matter of trying a number of different brands until you find the needle that you like.

Where did you get it

Acuneeds Australia (

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