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Dr Annika Oksa, Senior WebVet Veterinarian

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In 2020 we responded to the news of pandemic with the launch of WebVet, offering a way to safely provide veterinary care to pet parents.

After another challenging year for the veterinary industry, WebVet has continued to grow to provide 24/7 support for pet parents and veterinarians alike, assisting to alleviate pressure in clinics and hospitals as a reliable source of immediate veterinary advice. 

Senior WebVet Veterinarian Dr. Annika Oksa tells us about WebVet in its second year:

How has WebVet supported in-clinic vets throughout the pandemic?

Clinics and hospitals all around Australia have learned who we are and what we do, and are now actively taking advantage of the service, referring many patient calls to us to be triaged. With vet teams on the ground so stretched, this has made a real difference in getting timely advice to clients and filtering appointments into clinics as needed. This saves time and ensures those critical, scarce appointments left in vets’ days are given to the patients that really need them. We can escalate a patient if they need urgent care, and if not, we give advice over a video call and write comprehensive case histories. I feel that this support makes the clinical vets’ jobs more rewarding as well. 

How was your transition into WebVet?

I’m so lucky to be able to perform veterinary medicine from home. I have three kids so skipping the commute and working on a flexible roster that allows me to do school pick up and spend more time with my family is amazing. Having WebVets based around the country means that we can cover more hours by taking advantage of the time difference to work shifts that suit everyone’s lives. Some WebVets also prefer to work at night when their partner is home to avoid childcare fees. 

Can veterinary medicine still be rewarding from home?

Absolutely! The effect we have on people’s relationships with their pets is so immediate and obvious – I have never received as much positive feedback in my 16-year career as I have since being a WebVet! We are able to allocate adequate time to talking through concerns with pet owners and get real time appreciation for our expertise. In these stressful times that have been compounded by the vet shortage and rise in pet ownership, we were able to be a source of relief to many pet owners.

We also get some really interesting cases! It’s not all puppies with diarrhoea or itchy dogs, we also see chickens, guinea pigs and fish! You never know what the next call is about. 

Many Greencross Vets describe their team as their family, are you able to achieve the same level of comradery from home?

We have the best team ever! Everyone is amazingly flexible, whether someone is unwell, has a sick baby, broken car, has to milk their goats – you name it! – there is always someone willing to step up and help. It’s funny to think many of us have only ever met each other online but we are such a close team. I am also lucky to still reap all the benefits of working in the Greencross network, with strong support and mentoring, continuing education and learning and development opportunities and the flexibility to carve out your own career.

A career at Greencross could take you anywhere! We support flexibility to work across our vast network, including our GP clinics, speciality and emergency hospitals and WebVet service. Visit to begin to carve out your career journey.


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