“It’s definitely improved the quality of service – and saved us time too.”


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That’s what Andrew Jacotine, veterinary surgeon at Ace Vet Hospital in Euroa, thinks of RocketPACS, the practice’s solution for DICOM viewing, storage, remote access and communications.

The 5-vet practice operates 24×7 and acts as a referral clinic for other practices across northeastern Victoria, so it deals with a lot of trauma cases. It implemented RocketPACS a couple of years ago.

‘We used to be limited to just what was on the computer, on-site,’ says Jacotine. ‘Sharing images was hard. We had to download them, or move them around, and there was no link to our clinic software. I’m the only surgeon at the clinic. I can’t be there 24×7, but now that’s not such a problem. Wherever I am, as long as I’ve got internet, I can see the images. Even at the weekend, if I’m out and about with no equipment, it doesn’t matter. I can access RocketPACS from anyone’s computer or phone or whatever’s available. I could be in Uzbekhistan and still log on!’


The team at Ace Vet Hospital heard about RocketPACS from Radincon, who’d been providing hardware such as film systems for years. They already knew about some of the features available, but learned there was even more opportunity than they thought. So they were ready to try it out. Implementation went one step at a time, starting with radiology, then rolling out to ultrasound and fluoroscopy. 

‘We have 5 or 10 cases a day we put on the system, every day of the week, and now everything links back to the clinic record, so it’s all in one place. Take the case I did today. The static X-rays of the fracture are on the system now, and the fluoroscopy has been linked to. We’ll add the post-op X-rays next. So anyone can review all the images and information easily from one record, then provide an update or any advice as needed.’

It’s not just internal operations either. The practice uses a third-party radiology reporting service. Sharing images is seamless and reports come back promptly, supporting faster decision-making and better outcomes.

With such positive results, it’s no surprise that Ace Vet Hospital is looking to roll arthroscopy into the RocketPACS system as well. As Andrew says, ‘It just makes things so much easier.’

RocketPACS is a cloud-based DICOM system designed especially for the veterinary industry. It requires no onsite hardware or software; runs on all devices and integrates with web-based practice management systems. The interface is simple and intuitive, with touch-screen and mouse options. Flexible layouts, side-by-side comparison of images and easy measurement and calibration options make it easy to organise information for review, or to share with clients or partners.

RocketPACS is a product of Vet Rocket, based in Silicon Valley. It is distributed in Australia by Radincon, specialist imaging supplier to the veterinary industry in Australia and New Zealand.

For more information about RocketPACS, please contact Radincon on 1300 721 734 or visit radincon.com.au/products/rocketpacs/ 

Our thanks to Ace Vet Hospital Euroa for agreeing to be interviewed and share their experience using RocketPACS.


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