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Have you ever found yourself thinking it’s hard to keep up with changing technology? It seems like our phones always need updates or we need the latest big screen to keep up with HDTV changes. Well there has also been BIG change in the technologies in Veterinary equipment and at VetTech we distribute equipment that keeps up with these changes giving you great reliability, ease of use and good R.O.I. Items such as Mindray’s Infusion devices and the new VetAssure Autoclaves.

Mindray’s new BeneFusion eSeries devices are simply the most Advanced Veterinary dedicated Infusion devices on the Market and come standard with the following list of features.

veterinary technology

Dedicated Australian Drug library: Through many months of consultation with Australian users we have come up with a drug library to suit Australian Vets.

Efficiency in Workflow: SmartRapid technology ensures timely infusion by significantly shortening start-up time, from turn on to delivering the first drop.  

Intuitive Interaction: 3.5” coloured touchscreen gives users a positive experience with smooth operation, colour coded drug names give users a positive identification to the selected drug.

Flexible infusion on the fly:Infusion can be adjusted on the fly in 3 easy steps.

Efficiency and safety: The eSP is +-1.8% and the eVP is +-5% accurate when used with VetTech Mindray/Niki infusion sets and at less than $2 a set that’s better for your bottom line.

SmartAIR Technology: With SmartAIR technology the BeneFusion eVP significantly enhances patient safety to new levels in IV administration, Dual ultrasonic sensors monitor air bubbles down to 15uL giving the users confidence from false alarms and ensures safety with your smallest patient’s.

Dynamic Pressure system: Line pressure is displayed using a speedo style indicator, users can see at a glance the line pressure trend, alarm points are pre-set depending on the drug selected and can be adjusted on the fly if you need to adjust pressure to suit the infusion situation. 

Intuitive Alarm display: Long gone are the days of just a squealing alarm and a flashing red light, the eSeries devices display a picture on the 3.5” screen of the alarm taking away the potential user confusion and allowing a quick decision on how to proceed.

All in One efficiency: BeneFusion eSP and eVP devices satisfy your infusion requirements by combining all functions in one, they can infuse Fluids, Drugs, Nutrition and Blood.

Next level options offered: The BeneFusion infusion devices can be used stand alone or in the optional 4 way cradle, when plugged into this device it allows a whole new level on operation, sequential mode allows you to set up pumps to operate after each other in a time mode so the pumps can offer multiple drug/fluid delivery.

Intergrated CMS: Optional BeneFusion CMS offers one-stop monitoring of you patient’s vital signs and infusion treatment, details providing comprehensive information to staff.

Like Infusion devices there has also been big changes in Autoclaves and your clinics requirements for sterile items, more and more it’s becoming common place for clinics to perform complex procedures and now require special instruments to be sterilised, the re-engineered NEWMED VetAssure autoclaves available in both 23L & 60L can offer both S & B mode of sterilisation. QUICKSTEAM technology can accelerate cycle times by up to 20% with lower power consumption and ROSI is a great option for clinics that want to plumb the unit to mains water guaranteeing good quality water.

Come visit us at our stand at the AVA conference so we can show you our range of new products such as Infusion Devices, Autoclaves, Monitors and lights. 

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