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veterinary laser technology
The Super Pulsed ACTIVet PRO Laser System sets a new standard for laser therapy efficacy and safe outcomes.

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Multi Radiance: World-class laser systems

The 50-watt Super Pulsed ACTIVet PRO Laser System is a cordless, ultra-portable successor to the 25-watt ACTIVet. sets a new standard for veterinary laser therapy efficacy and safe outcomes, deliverable safely, anywhere!

Features the unique synergistic combination of wavelengths covering the entire therapeutic window; Super Pulsed GaAs Laser at 905 nm, 660 nm visible red, 875 nm broadband near infrared, even a 470 nm bactericidal blue wavelength for effectively fighting infection, including MRSA that’s increased in power density by 900%!

Multi Radiance optimises biological effects at the cellular level to provide fast pain relief, to reduce inflammation and to accelerate wound healing. 

The ACTIVet PRO’s increased power level (up 300%) significantly reduces treatment time while providing consistent, reproducible outcomes with zero thermal over heating side effects like with class IV Lasers.

Be sure to request the peer-reviewed published studies detailing the mechanisms of action for depth of penetration time profile (DPTP), thermal time profile (TTP), all provided to optimise the PRO Laser for clinical use, validating why customers have been eager to upgrade their previous brands to this incomparable 50-watt ACTIVet PRO Laser System. Also included: three-year warranty and unlimited tech support!

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There’s also a highly detailed white paper on the PRO for your free download. This white paper details the clinical testing used to validate parameters for the ACTIVet PRO as safe and highly desirable for delivering the best possible outcomes which means healthier pets, more satisfied clients. 

The entire Super Pulsed line of lasers is superior to Class IV in penetration time profile, thermal time profile, controlling pain and inflammation, infection control and wound care.

Also from REM Systems!

veterinary laser technology
The VetScan UA brings urinalysis chemistry testing to the palm of your hand.

The VetScan UA Urine Analyser

The VetScan UA brings reliable, cost-effective urinalysis chemistry testing to the palm of your hand in a battery-operated, lightweight and portable solution. 


  • Easy touchscreen operation
  • Increases consistency in urine chemistries
  • Eliminates errors on urine dipsticks by easy on-screen instructions
  • Automatically captures UA strip results
  • Print to a handheld portable printer or transmit results to a computer
  • Only 1 minute to results per strip
  • UA results integrate with Abaxis SA Urine sediment analyser into combined urinalysis report.

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