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CUBEX cabinets

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Becoming more mindful of staff wellbeing is the aftereffect of a global veterinary shortage. Veterinary staff are experiencing more stress and burnout than before, and it has become more imperative than ever for hospitals to reassess their inventory management strategies to help ease the stress within their clinics.

Retaining staff and managing their wellbeing and performance has meant addressing areas such as overhead costs that absorb staff hours, keeping them away from the duties they were trained for, and contributing to their job satisfaction levels. 

Job satisfaction levels, a deep subject that has changed over the years. While we head deeper into this decade, industries and large corporations identify mentality as an aspect that can contribute to satisfaction. Creating a sense of ownership mentality results in a positive affect on attitude and work behaviour (Van Dyne and Pierce, 2004) which are both key drivers to work satisfaction. One-way companies are taking the first step to fostering this mentality is: support. Bringing in processes and/or automated systems to support employees through their work. While there are multiple ways to provide support throughout a Veterinary Hospital, targeting specific items such as inventory and billing helps provide the support foundations; this is where a system such as Cubex comes in.

“Since getting the CUBEX cabinets in August 2010 my overall time with ordering has been cut in half. I’m more confident that my quantities on hand are correct, and I love that it holds people accountable for what and how much they are taking… The reports are great too.” – Elizabeth Huckin

Maximising efficiency, profitability and safety

CUBEX cabinets

Cubex is an inventory management system that pairs hardware and software to automate traditional inventory tasks by accurately record all transactions and stock levels, whilst securely storing medications and capturing missed charges. Through real-time recording and security, hospitals can easily see what their inventory levels are with confidence and know that there are no losses unaccounted for.

Effective protocols and inventory solutions such as Cubex, allow staff to focus their efforts back on providing high-quality care for their patients instead of spending hours with inventory.

“Cubex keeps our inventory lean and our margins high” – Laura Hawke, Practice Administrator

Come have a chat with us!

Cubex will be demoed on our stand C35 at VET Expo. Come see us and have a chat with our friendly team; Gavin (CEO), Bryan (Architect), Nicholas (Cubex / Kontak) and Kate (Equipment) will be there to welcome you and discuss your needs.

Visit us at VET Expo on stand C35.

To learn more about CUBEX® or to get started, please contact us at +61 7 5657 6777 or visit therian.com.au/cubex


Van Dyne L, Pierce J. Psychological ownership and feelings of possession: three field studies predicting employee attitudes and organizational citizenship behavior. Journal of Organizational Behavior 25, 439-459, 2004

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