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 VetCheck 24/7

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You can have the best product, service and people but if it isn’t marketed well it won’t succeed. Veterinary clinics need to identify pet owners needs and determine how best to meet those needs. If they don’t have a point of difference, pet owners will see the same (or similar) service and just compare on price.

Many practices have the benefit of being the only practice in their location (which brings it’s own set of challenges), but if competition is high, what makes pet owners choose one practice over another? A choice will ultimately be made in favour of the practice that can accurately identify and deliver the service that pet owners want and then advertise it effectively.

This is where the VetCheck 24/7 vet nurse triage service from Medechat® is helping practices deliver a unique and superior service to their clients 24 hours a day. In a location that may be saturated with competing practices, it can give yours the edge. Equally it can assist those remote practices that are saturated with clients to deliver a service without turning clients away. 

VetCheck 24/7 has over 50 experienced vet nurses that work for you, triaging calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just divert your phones to our 1800 number and a certified, experienced emergency triage vet nurse will take the calls from your clients. 

The call will be directed in one of three ways: 

1. 70%+ of the calls are for general advice and can dealt with immediately by our nurses. Every call is logged with the pet’s and owner’s details, a description of the problem and any action required by your practice staff e.g. book an appointment, call back about a script for medication, update on a hospital patient, etc. 

2. Around 25% of calls after hours are likely to be a true emergency and can be referred to your preferred emergency clinic. If you service your own clients after hours, our VetCheck 24/7 nurses can also collect payment for the call out before you attend the practice to see their pet. 

3. 5% of calls after hours generally need immediate advice from a vet but are not a dire emergency. In these instances, the nurses will refer the pet owner to our experienced VetCheck 24/7 vets via a video consultation using the Medechat telehealth platform. All the HEAP / SOAP notes from these appointments are emailed immediately back to your clinic so you can follow up the next morning or book them in for further investigation if you wish. 

Not only does VetCheck 24/7 act as an extension of your practice, but all the call logs of every phone call received by the triage nurses are emailed to your practice so your staff can follow up with clients later (or the next morning if the call is taken after hours). 

Imagine the marketing advantage you would have for your practice if you had a triage service that clients could call for free advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is the definition of “Peace of Mind” for pet owners. 

If you took it a step further and incorporated access to this service as part of a wellness plan that pet owners paid money to subscribe to, it would add enormous value to your practice. We’ll even help you market the service while your staff can take a break!

Email [email protected] to find out how VetCheck 24/7 can deliver what your pet owners are looking for.


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