Massey University’s Master of Veterinary Medicine


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Massey University’s Master of Veterinary Medicine

Delivered by distance, the MVM programme brings the world’s veterinary expertise to your door.  The classroom comes to you through interactive technology and study guides. Led by lecturers with international recognition from around the world, our courses have a reputation for their in-depth, comprehensive review of subjects and uses of real-life case  studies.

Sophie Dunn shares her experience at Massey University. 

Why did you choose the MVM?

When I decided to continue studying, I looked into Massey’s MVM programme first as it had been recommended to me by a friend.  I was impressed with the range of subjects to choose from, and I wanted to be able to study while still working full time. The papers are spread out over two semesters which made the workload very achievable.  I was also drawn to the fact each paper had a 3-day contact course which other institutions did not offer. 

How long after graduation did you do the MVM (and why so soon after graduation)?

I started the MVM in my third year out from graduation.  I tracked production in my final year at Massey but after starting out in mixed practice, I soon realised my passion was in small animals – in surgery and emergency medicine in particular.  It was awesome to have the opportunity to study these subjects that were not necessarily my focus as an undergrad.  My clinic has been extremely supportive, especially with the time needed to complete the Capstone course, and I managed to finish the MVM in two and half years.

What have you got out of the MVM?

The MVM papers are so practical and I found as I studied, I could apply what I’d learned to my work the next day.  I feel like I gained a lot of knowledge and confidence in my skills as a vet.  In a rural setting with a reasonably high surgical caseload, its been great to feel like I can provide a better service to our clients who aren’t able to travel for referral.

How has the MVM affected your future career?

For the final Capstone paper, I chose to do the practicum component and spent several weeks seeing practice with surgeons around NZ.  I realised I really enjoyed this type of learning, so after finishing the MVM I moved to Sydney for a surgical internship.  All of the papers I took helped me throughout my internship and were a great foundation to study for Membership exams.  I am excited to continue pursuing surgery and the MVM was definitely a great foundation for continuing my post-grad learning.

To find out more about the courses on offer at Massey University, visit their stand at the AVA conference.

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