Mindray M8 premium portable ultrasound system

portable ultrasound system
Ideal for busy veterinarians, the Mindray M8 portable ultrasound machine is suited to advanced abdominal imaging in small animals.

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Soon to be released, the Mindray M8 is ideal if you wish to advance your ultrasound services without breaking the bank.

The Mindray M8 portable ultrasound machine is coming soon to Australia and it could be your new best mate. The little brother of Mindray’s superior M9, the M8 has been developed to bridge the gap between price and premium image quality. 

Small animal applications

The M8 is suited to advanced abdominal imaging in small animals. For the clinic that is currently using ultrasound on a frequent basis (e.g. for abdominal scans, focused exams and basic heart assessments), the M8 is the perfect partner if you wish to advance your ultrasound services without breaking the bank. 

portable ultrasound systemEquine applications

For equine internal medicine or orthopaedic applications, the M8 offers unparalleled image quality for the price tag. Looking to the future of equine musculoskeletal imaging, elastography is likely to become the new standard for the assessment of tendon and ligament injury healing (Tamura, 2017; Lustgarten 2014). To date, elastography has been highly dependent on user technique. Natural Touch elastography on the M8 reduces the dependence on user technique—improving inter-operator reproducibility for higher clinical accuracy. 


  • Image enhancements: The M8 boasts image enhancements due to its powerful mQuadro platform and new ComboWave Transducers. These transducers utilise a new type of composite piezoelectric material to dramatically optimise the acoustic spectrum and reduce acoustic impedance—improving penetration without the typical trade-off with resolution. 
  • Ease of use: As with all Mindray products, the workflow is intuitive and efficient. The workflow on the M8 is based on the popular M9 platform. Keys can be customised by the user for quick measurements. The ultra-quick boot-up time of just 28 seconds from first touch means that you can rapidly turn on and scan in emergency situations. 
  • Portability: The M8 is highly portable with a slim laptop-style design. The magnesium alloy frame adds robustness while keeping the M8 lightweight. The machine can be cart mounted for use in clinic or transported in its carry case for ambulatory scenarios. It can also be battery operated for up to 90 minutes scanning time. 

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