Naomi Digital Imaging System



by Sarah Lawler VN, Blue Lake Veterinary Clinic, Mount Gambier, SA

We’ve had this digital X-ray system for about six years. It was an upgrade from an old manual system with chemicals.

What’s good about it

The Naomi is very beneficial when an X-ray is needed as the process is quick and the image is produced in seconds. I’m glad I was able to use the old machine as it makes you appreciate a digital system. It’s just the click of a button and the image appears in front of you. The image can also be manipulated in a number of different ways to achieve maximum clarity.

Recently a pregnant bitch came into labour and we needed to check if there was one more puppy to be born. Without the need for sedation, we popped her on the table and took a quick X-ray.

In the six years we’ve been using the Naomi, we’ve never had a problem with it. The technical support from RF Systems Lab is excellent. When we needed to calibrate the X-ray, the tech support guy talked us through the process and made all the instructions very clear.

The Naomi system saves the images as jpeg and dicom files. These can be easily emailed to specialists or referring veterinarians. The Naomi also has a multi-viewing screen that allows you to view and compare a number of different images simultaneously.

What’s not so good

This unit is not easy to move. It’s not a problem at our clinic as it’s set up in a dedicated space. However, to use it at another surgery would be quite difficult—and quite a job—to relocate.

Where did you get it

RF System Lab 

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