New vet app to revolutionise veterinary care

dog app
Dr Louisa Fenny, a Pawssum vet, with her dog Ernie.

The founder of a national app-based vet booking service has claimed Australia’s $3 billion vet industry is on the brink of a significant transformation being driven by increasing demand for flexibility, personalisation and convenience by both vets and consumers.

Pawssum, which enables vets to make home visits and then refers cases needing surgery to selected partner vet clinics, has just launched in Perth and will soon launch in Adelaide after initially setting up in Sydney in 2016. It also operates in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Pawssum founder Guy Sharabi said the group was experiencing success, with the technology being embraced by vets looking for more flexibility in their career.

“The vet industry is already seeing a casualisation of the workforce with a rise in locum vets, the majority of whom are women, opting to work as locums because of the opportunity to choose their working hours and earn better rates of pay,” Sharabi said.

“Services such as ours are sparking the next transformation of the industry because we offer vets needing a better work-life balance a new level of career personalisation—on top of being able to work only when and where they want to and to be remunerated at a higher rate, they can opt to only do certain types of vet work, to not work with specific animals or breeds and the like.

“The consumer is obviously a crucial factor in this too,” Sharabi added. “They are getting on board because in this day and age where you can order virtually anything online and get it delivered to your door, they want to see their vet—on demand and at home too.”

If readers are interested, they can join the platform as an independent vet or a clinic by contacting [email protected].


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