Nurses Can fill the Vet Void—For Real & Virtual


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It’s a worldwide problem, a shortage (whether real or perceived) of vets. There is a shortage of workers in most industries, the vet profession is not an anomaly, but luckily we have a constant flow of nurses graduating with qualifications and a keen desire to do things. Things that are interesting and use their vast knowledge and skills, not just how to clean hospital cages and book appointments for the few vets left in their practice. 

Most vet practice staff members appreciate the value of their nurses but fail to promote their worth or give the nurses an opportunity to utilise their skill and training effectively. Dr Moss Siddle – founder of the telemedicine platform Medechat and the virtual veterinary triage service VetCheck 24/7 will highlight some ways nurses can be more effectively utilised in practice, when he speaks on the first day of the Vet Expo (26th October) in Sydney. 

“The bonus is that practices can benefit from the staff they already have to make the practice more efficient and profitable. Empowering nurses to have autonomy by endorsing their skill set and improving their knowledge, benefits the whole practice, including clients and their pets.” said Dr Moss. 

VetCheck 24/7 is one of the largest independent employers of vet nurses in Australia. Dr Moss is keenly aware of how valuable nurses are to a veterinary team whether in a virtual or in-clinic setting. 

“Start planning your Christmas roster now and hand over the after hours duties to our highly qualified emergency triage nurses and veterinarians. Let your staff have a break and enjoy the holidays knowing your clients and their pets are being nurtured and reassured by our team.”

Visit stand D13 (near the cafe area) at the Vet Expo to keep the discussion going with Dr Moss and the VetCheck 24/7 (powered by Medechat) team. There’ll be prizes to be won by visiting the stand and a special conference deal for vet clinics to utilise the services of VetCheck 24/7 after hours (or any time). 

VetCheck 24/7 is independently owned, Australian and personal. Your clients get to speak to real people with veterinary knowledge and experience. They also don’t need to pay anything to receive advice from our vet nurses. In the event of an emergency, our nurses are solely focused on helping your client immediately, not asking them for their credit card details! 

If the problem is a dire emergency, the client is referred straight through to the on-call vet or emergency centre as per your practice instructions. If there is a less urgent problem but a video consultation with one of our veterinarians is needed, your client pays one standard rate of $77 whether it is 3pm or 3am. If your client is very worried about their pet or in the case of a difficult / prolonged whelping, they can call through to our nurses multiple times for reassurance and advice or to be referred to the on-call vet or emergency centre if required. 

All of our vets and nurses have at least 5 years experience and go through a rigorous in-house training program. We take large animal calls too! We utilise a custom built software platform which can alert our nurses to particular problems relevant to your area (for example Hendra virus, tick paralysis, puffer fish toxicity, etc).

Grab a coffee and come and chat with us on stand D13 at the Vet Expo or call us today on 1800 225 226 or email:

You can find out more at

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