Parasite threat-tracking tool launched to reduce preventable pet fatalities


Petbarn and Greencross Vets have joined to launch PetWatch—an Australian first, real-time interactive map of deadly pet parasite threat levels to increase awareness of the issue with pet owners.

PetWatch is an online tool that shows pet parents the hidden threat and severity of parasites such as paralysis ticks, heartworms and fleas by location and threat level, providing Australian pet owners with critical information about their area and reminding them to ensure their pet is up to date with preventative treatments.

Updated daily, PetWatch will also issue ongoing alerts via text, email and local announcements to pet parents if the risk factors in their area rapidly change.

“As a veterinarian I can see the huge educational and awareness benefits of PetWatch for pet parents,” Greencross Pet Wellness Company chief veterinary officer Dr Magdoline Awad said.

Petbarn chief operating officer Scott Charters added: “Our data shows that the average pet is unprotected for 5-8 months of the year so it’s a sad reality that too many pets die or become severely ill from parasites when they could have been protected through affordable preventative products. 

“For the love of pets, we were determined to put our minds to how to fix this.”

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